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Customized Roof Support Systems

        A company that leads the mining world and has many years of experience supported by various advanced technologies to produce various types of heavy equipment and of course has been very trusted, namely Caterpillar. Moreover, one of its products that acts as a support for Cat roofs with longwall mining standards with extreme conditions is Customized Roof Support Systems. This roof support technology was present as a solution to mining problems in the 1970s related to German coal which tended to be steep with large sandstone roofs to geological faults that were difficult to overcome. So, a tool that can adapt to various conditions varies, especially steep slopes accompanied by various thick and thin layers as well as slabs of sandstone and soft soil. Tools that work in a variety of geological conditions require full control of the roof and coating so that the results of its performance are good and high, so Customized Roof Support Systems were chosen.

        This type of roof support is very well designed and complete with features that support it to work on various slopes ranging from 550 to 7500 mm with a width of two meters. While the conventional shield width is around 1.50 to 1.75 meters and the support capacity are estimated at more than 1750 tons, of course this greatly facilitates the automation of a more flexible roof support system. The hydraulic control system that acts as a protector and complement of the control system circuit on this machine is the PMC-R. PMC-R is known to be very reliable and safe in carrying out its duties to monitor the performance of sophisticated tools with longwall automation so that it can diagnose remotely and transfer information in real time and precisely. Moreover, the system is very user-friendly and its simple maintenance makes for fewer non-functional parts making these Customized Roof Support Systems easy to relocate very effectively.

        As for other design adjustments that can be seen from the structure in the form of the best legs and cylinders that support high performance, then there is plating which is very important especially for very corrosive conditions, to two- and three-stage systems that produce the same performance. The designs and designs are of course adapted to the needs and conditions of the work site by paying attention to safety through preventing accidents by only including very important parts. It is also equipped with a special application, namely the application of articulated longwall with steep supports and various developments have been carried out, especially to deal with steep-hour mining which is faced with coal blocking underground. This is one proof that Customized Roof Support Systems are not negligent of leading innovation and the best quality with a longer service life and expertise that can be applied in various world mines is certainly highly recommended. 

Bona Pasogit
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