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Underground Mininng Trucks AD33


        The Cat C15 engine is one of those machines that excels in dealing with steep locations and will certainly help the machine to complete its tasks more easily. As in the AD33 underground mining trucks that use these machines which can guarantee reliability, power, and of course very efficient. This AD33 machine is a heavy equipment tasked with transporting mines with a nominal payload capacity of approximately 66139 lb that can fit in a size of 4x4 meters with optimal engine pulling force. Moreover, the engine is equipped with a VR (Reduced Ventilation) package which is a useful package for saving fuel consumption, reducing ventilation rates according to the name of the package, complying with regional regulations, so as to increase the performance of the AD33 and make it on par with the US EPA Tier 3. Emission equivalence can be achieved due to the combination of software and hardware that has been selected beforehand making it very suitable also to be involved in paint diesel particulate filters.

        In addition to a superior engine, the AD33 is also designed with a variety of other superior supports in order to produce all-day productivity with maximum digging, track, and lunge results, tirelessly. Although the design is fairly ergonomic, but with the help of 409 HP gross power, this tool is very suitable to collaborate with the R1600H LHD. Moreover, the increase in torque with a fast and controlled cycle can more efficiently work on this AD33 and make the transmission shift point more precise. It can control the fuel system with Electronic Unit Injection (MEUITM) so that the sensor input can be monitored properly. In addition, in the transmission shift there are also other features that help smooth it, namely the body-up shift inhibitor which can prevent it from shifting over the gears by lowering the body but not completely. While the transmission for the shift of the throttle is the transmission clutch which is used to smooth the gearshift. In addition to the transmission clutch, there is also something that the AD33 engine does to keep the throttle transfer under control, namely by controlling the engine rpm, the torque converter is locked, and setting the component life to be longer.

        The AD33's sturdy construction and full of advantages do not require very expensive costs, it is actually a cost-effective machine both in operation and maintenance and in its service life. Low operating costs are obtained from the availability of an integrated computer system so that it can produce maximum overall power train performance, this AD33 also offers directional shift management which is very helpful in protecting the engine from damage that may occur by uncontrolled high speeds. So that security and comfort will be obtained as well, especially with the Cat ET service tool which is very easily accessible to obtain diagnostic data so that availability can be increased. In addition, there is also speed protection by another more secure feature, namely ARC (Automatic Retarder Control) by activating the brakes during emergency conditions and difficult to control. Based on these several things, the AD33 is very suitable for use in all places even the steepest locations with an unmatched superior engine, and guaranteed protection and low maintenance costs but is able to produce maximum productivity, especially for mine removal.

Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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