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How To Build A Better Business With Daily Emails

Daily emails are emails sent daily, like you are talking to a friend or loved one. And wouldn't you want to talk to that person on a daily basis. Of course you would and that's why daily emails work so well.

If you care about staying in contact with someone, you have to make the effort. A successful business needs to care for their customers, so it's important to keep connected. One way to do that is by sending daily emails to the contact list.

How To Build A Better Business With Daily Emails

There are plenty of arguments for and against daily emails. Let's look at some of the things you should take into consideration when deciding how frequently your emails should be sent.

What are daily emails?

There's no trick question here - daily emails are exactly that, an email sent every day from a business to a subscriber. That's the simple part. The tricky part is to decide whether or not that is a desirable thing.

Most people get plenty of mail in their inbox, and are more concerned with keeping their content to a minimum. That being said, a business that doesn't communicate enough is easily forgotten. Businesses have to walk a fine line when deciding how much email they will send to their customers.

Email has the advantage of going directly to where the customer is - for most people, checking email on their phone means that a business can be literally in their hands. Of course, that should be encouraged as much as possible.

Getting emails opened

The first concern of a business's marketing strategy is to get customer contact details and keep a customer subscribed. An email that wasn't signed up for is spam. But an email that the customer doesn't want, or that comes too frequently, can feel like spam which will mean that the customer is likely to unsubscribe.

The real trick is to send emails that add value to the customer. If someone is interested to receive your emails, they'll welcome them as frequently as you care to send them. So the real question is, how do you send an email that people want to open?

Writing engaging daily emails

To write an email that people want to open, you'll need to make it worth their while. That's even more important when you want to increase the frequency of the emails you send. Here are some ways you can keep your emails interesting, even if they're sent on a daily basis.

Find a niche. Depending on your business, you will have specialised knowledge to impart. That information can be used to your advantage to create emails that people really want to open. For example, a beauty brand might offer beauty tips, product recommendations and application techniques. A finance brand might offer different tips for saving and budgeting.

Be topical. If you can gather relevant news and information and present it in one place, it gives your customers a reason to open your email, even on a daily basis. It takes some effort to stay on top on current news, but it's a great way to make your emails relevant and interesting.

Promote products. If you have a contact, they signed up for a reason - so keep them interested in what you have to offer. Feature a new product or talk about different uses for the ones you already have.

Create a digest. A digest is a newsletter created around an idea, using different sources curated from around the internet. It is designed to be informative, something like a blog post, but delivered straight to your contact's inbox, and enhanced with a range of sources.

Feature sales. Everyone is interested in saving money, so promotional emails are much more likely to be welcomed. Feature a type of product with mark-downs, provide incentives for purchasing multiple items, and offer a code for a discount at the checkout.

Working with your provider for daily emails

You should know that many providers will limit the number of emails that you can send per day. Popular email service providers like Outlook and HubSpot have limits depending on your history and the level of account that you hold. These email providers offer between 100 to 1,000 emails per day depending on the provider and the plan, so if your contact list is longer than that, you'll need to opt for a professional provider.

Getresponse offers a maximum list size for Basic, Plus, and Professional packages of 100,000 contacts. Above this limit, there is a charge of $4.00 for every 1,000 contacts, which is accrued every 30 days, even with the 12-month or 24-month subscription plan.

Staying in contact

Choosing to send daily emails is a big move which can result in increased customer loyalty, but will require an increased effort to stay relevant. You'll need to decide whether you can come up with enough quality content to keep customers engaged on a daily basis, or if a less frequent schedule will suit your business better.

Regardless, the basic principles of daily emails stay the same no matter how often you send emails - you should keep in regular contact with customers and potential customers that offer their details, and when you do get in content it should add real value to their lives.

Make sure your customers feel noticed, and use your email service to your advantage. Daily emails are a big commitment, but one that will pay off if you do it correctly.

The BIG advantage of daily emails

They position you as a real expert If you know something, share it. The more you share it, the more people will see it. Familiarity breeds trust and creates you as the expert in a particular field. Your writing is showcased The more you write daily emails, the more practice you get at writing. It also creates the opportunity for you to showcase your voice as a writer.

Your knowledge is demonstrated Daily. Without being pushy, without shouting from the roof tops. Daily emails subliminally display your knowledge on a subject to the world

Your credibility is built by default Daily emails take discipline. It requires you to sit down every day and write. By doing so your demonstrate consistency of effort and that's a special super power of daily email writers. When most people are shooting off in different directions, you demonstrate that you are a discipline consistent person and that you deserved to be hired.

Your services get sold easier You have become the trusted friend because your readers get to know you. They begin to like you and eventually trust you. Why wouldn't they buy from a trusted friend.


Daily emails sound scary. There's a common belief that readers will unsubscribe in droves. And some do. They are not the subscribers you want anyway. You only want to talk to people who like hearing from you.

Daily emails flex your consistency muscle. The show the reader that you are a disciplined person and very quickly they discover that you are extremely knowledge on a subject.

Customers want to deal with experts. Like a good friend they want to hear from people who'll help their lives blossom. As your relationship grows people get to know, like and trust you and will do business with you over an untrustworthy, inconsistent stranger. Daily emails win!

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