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The Underground Mining Trucks AD22

        The Underground Mining Trucks AD22 is a new class of Caterpillar product that is highly reliable in the toughest applications with a wide range of built-in features, and has been demonstrated in Peru, Zambia, Russia and Canada mines. The engine used by this AD22 truck is a Cat C11 diesel engine equipped with ACERT so that it can provide better and responsive performance at a speed of 2,100 rpm. By involving ACERT in this truck, the engine performance can be further increased with the various advantages that ACERT does. As emissions can be reduced through MEUI (Mechanical Electronic Injector Unit), fuel economy, to increased low-end torque strength. This of course makes this in-line six-cylinder engine very suitable to be operated underground in various location conditions, even this machine is quite flexible due to the presence of four different body sizes so that it is very possible for this truck to maneuver in limited or narrow locations with a nominal payload capacity. 48501 pounds. Stability will also be achieved through a performance strategy based on ACERT which is responsible for many things, such as heavy duty torque converters and transmissions.

        In the ACERT torque converter, the rim pull and drive train are managed in order to work more efficiently which is also equipped with a locking clutch. While the transmission is equipped with ECPC (Electronic Clutch Pressure Control) and Cat ADEMTM A4, both of which can move all wheels of the truck properly, then maintain component life so as not to decrease by protecting it from pressure surges, and can shift gears easily. fine. The gear shift is carried out according to the conditions, if the truck is operating on an incline and suddenly stops, then to avoid unwanted things the truck will choose the required gear. ACERT is not only responsible for these two things, but also for efficiency through a sophisticated and flexible ejector. The options given to the single ejector are 9.7 m3 and the scope of the 8 mm steel binary plate which is mounted directly to the dump body chassis through three stages of the ejector cylinder so that it can carry out disassembly quickly, so it is very suitable when working with the R1300G and R1600G/H because its abrasion resistance.

        This engine with a gross power of 325 HP has a full capacity of up to 22 tons with the help of turbocharged and after charged which makes the performance of the engine structure better. The design of this machine structure involves a box section to manage torsional loads and protect the stomach on the frame from each end of the machine so that it will get a balance. The main designs are the front axle with a load of about 48% and the rear axle 52%, which are designed to have a precise center of gravity so as to extend component life. The oscillating HITCH feature is an oscillating obstacle to maintain the box and usually acts as a link between two frames that work independently. The AD22 truck also offers two FOPS and ROPS certified operator station options, a closed and an open cab. Each has its own advantages, especially in the closed cab it is made with a special design to make the operator safe and comfortable such as the presence of a protective net, air filtration, excellent visibility, mechanical suspension seats, to the seat position and adjustable steering column. according to the needs and desires of the operator. All of these features greatly support the quality and quantity of this AD22 truck engine because it is suitable for use in various conditions with maximum results and fuel efficiency.

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