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Autonomous Network Administrator and O365

Imagine a world where you have your own personal IT engineer able to action your IT requests in seconds, working around the clock 24/7.

Autonomous Network Administrator and O365

Meet ANA - your "Autonomous Network Administrator"

If you get locked out of your account or forget your password, Ana can immediately reset your password and send a new password in a text to your mobile. 

If you need an account disabled on Friday, Ana will ensure this is completed on the precise time you requested this. If you need accounts setup or distribution lists change, Ana can complete this.

No SLAs, no service-desk queues, Ana does everything asked for the precise time you requested it.

Wavex Solution

Ana is a sophisticated automation platform, built by Wavex, on APEX®, and designed to immediately action a range of clients requests.

The client can always choose to contact the service-desk as normal or can raise the request directly with Ana (on APEX® via the web or their mobile phone). Ana then communicates with an APEX® software agent running on one of your servers, this agent then performs the requested action whether that be a change or query.

The typical requests Ana will initially be able to handle are:

  • Account unlock
  • Password reset
  • New user creation
  • Account disabled
  • Distribution list updates
  • Mailbox permission changes
  • Folder permissions

Over time, Ana will get more sophisticated. Providing an unprecedented level of responsiveness to your staff.

This compliments our other newly released enhancements which categorically place Wavex light-years ahead of the competition.

  • GDPR Analysis Service & discovery tools
  • Storage Analysis Service - review how staff are consuming data
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Platform - managing regulations
  • Enhanced SLAs
  • Chat, Talk directly with an engineer via hot key
  • Predictive IT, estimated notifications
  • Online invoices

Microsoft Office 365 is now well and truly in the mainstream, providing businesses a cost-effective and flexible way of using the Microsoft suite of productivity tools (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.).

Businesses can opt to download the desktop or mobile applications or use the web versions.

Every business is familiar with this traditional suite of applications - using Word to create professional documents and PowerPoint to create impressive presentations.

Included within Office 365 are a number of other applications that often go unnoticed yet can provide businesses exciting ways of managing or collaborating on projects with their colleagues.

Microsoft Teams

You are working away at your desktop when an email arrives asking a simple question "When does the document need to be with the client?" Then the phone rings "Did you want to offer a discount on the service?" Someone walks up to your desk and asks "I am wondering which supplier we should use?"

Sound familiar? We are now bombarded with information. And with so many different methods of communication - email, chat, phone, walk-up, meetings it can feel like information overload.

However, our friends at Microsoft have recognised that many existing communication channels lack context. When you get an email it could be about anything. This makes organising this flow of information very difficult.

To learn more go to http://www.wavex.co.uk

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