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Telehandlers TH255C & TH357D Ag Handle

Telehandlers TH255C

        Telehandlers TH255C is a multifunctional transport vehicle that can be used in various applications, both in forests, construction projects, processing plants and so on. It is highly efficient as it has a rated load capacity of 5500 lb and a maximum lift height of 18.37 ft. It is equipped with a 2.9L L4 TD model engine capable of producing 74 hp of power. This makes this vehicle very efficient to use with optimized fuel consumption. TH255C has good mobility because it is equipped with standard vehicle tires measuring 12.00 × 16.5 or even upgraded to a larger one, namely 14.00 × 17.5; 10.5 × 18; 33×12-20.

        The vehicle shift is divided into 3 modes, namely forward variable speed, reverse displacement, and hydrostatic transmission. This vehicle instrument is divided into several parts including steering pressure, steering mode, parking brake, clock indicator, battery charging, engine starter, night operation switch, reverse motion alarm and so on. The TH255C telehandlers are designed by professional CAT technicians who have more than 50 years of experience in producing each of their works. This series is designed to operate in all applications with good manoeuvrability and stability. In addition, the TH255C is designed to have special capabilities that can fit even in tight spaces making it suitable for operation in small buildings and tight spaces. Then one of the highlights is the universal quick coupler system which is very versatile for using various attachments.

TH357D Ag Handle

        Just like the previous vehicle, this is also a heavy vehicle of the Telehandlers series that functions as a multifunctional means of transporting materials in various work areas. Using a Cat C3.4B model engine with an operating weight of 17163 lb and a system pressure of 3770 psi. Then it has operating specifications with a rated load capacity of 7700 lb, a maximum lift reach of 23 feet and a maximum forward reach of 12 feet. This vehicle uses a hydraulic system with various supporting components, ranging from axial psiton, pump flow, load sensor which produces a maximum pump of 36.9 gal/min and additional hydraulic pressure of 3553 psi.

        The TH357D Ag Handle is very comfortable to use because it only produces a cabin noise level of 74 dB and an external noise level of 106 dB. This makes the work environment more comfortable and conducive, coupled with various facilities that support operators to work optimally. For performance, the vehicle engine produces a gross power of 2,200 rpm with 111 HP which can be upgraded and increased to 124 HP in additional options. Sustainability of production can be maintained because the engine has a cooling system in the form of an air conditioner containing fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a, this keeps the engine cool so that productivity can be increased. 

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