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Compact Track Loaders 239D3

        Is a heavy vehicle that is widely used to lift or move materials, be it wood, soil, rock, and other materials? This vehicle was born from the research and development of CAT engineers over several years until the 239D2 compact track loaders were born with various advantages. This vehicle is known for its comfort, performance, and a myriad of smart features it has. Focuses on optimizing performance with maximum comfort for the operator. The engine can produce power of 67.1 HP with an operating weight of 7434 lb which can streamline performance in the field. The body structure and radial lift system are precisely engineered to achieve the best lifting range and are highly supportive of excavation activities in a variety of ground-level applications.

        The 239D3 Compact Track Loaders are proven to have 15% more workspace allowing operators to work more freely and comfortably. Fuel consumption is designed so that emissions can be optimally used so as to provide additional benefits. Apart from being reliable, this vehicle is also smart thanks to the various technologies the vehicle has, ranging from integrated SMART technology for complex attachment automation, tailor control, attachment recognition and so on. Operators are pampered with the best sealed and pressurized cab that provides a cleaner and smoother operating environment, as well as great work tool visibility. Vehicle controls are linked by a highly ergonomic, easy-to-use joystick next to a cool and comfortable work chair.

        Support for better vehicle performance is supported by the presence of a high-power train that results in maximum performance through the Electronic Torque Management system. The system provides 2 speed options that can be adjusted according to needs. This makes every job easy and fast. The support of "Intelligent Levelling" technology makes the vehicle superior to its competitors so that it proves to be more efficient to use on various terrains encountered. The sensitive driver control system in this series is proven to facilitate operation on difficult and rough terrain, by optimizing load retention on all parts of the vehicle. The result is better, more reliable and efficient performance.

        The engine capabilities are truly optimized thanks to the advanced displays available, allowing efficient and easy-to-use informative screen adjustments for implement response, hystat response and creep control. In addition, the informative screen also supports multiple languages for easy operation, then there is a security system and a customizable layout.

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