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Wheel Material Handlers MH3040

        The MH3040 is a refinement of the M325D L MH which has tested the reliability of its components and has proven to be reliable in even the toughest applications. These Cat products with an operating weight of up to 84940 lb are designed with high-pressure boom, stick and other features to withstand years of wear and tear and are adapted to thick multi-plate fabrication designs. The automatic temperature configuration capability that makes the service life longer is with a standard ambient temperature of 43°C. Not only that, there is also a new hydraulic oil filter that can be heated automatically from a cold temperature to a limit of -20°C where the heating can work faster. Thus, the filtration can work harder so that when the oil is changed its cleanliness will be maintained because its performance is better than the previous filter, resulting in a longer component life. During the use of the filter, of course, it can be monitored through the monitor available in the cabin.

        The use of an engine in the form of C7.1 which can work together with biodiesel so as to make fuel 25% more efficient than previous similar products, because the biodiesel that can be used is up to B20 which is equipped with an automatic reverse function. The intended function is a new electric fan and two types of power so that it is in line with 20% lower maintenance costs than previous applications due to less frequent maintenance intervals with quality components. The durability of these components occurs because of the calculation of durability which is directed at the strength of the lower frame to make it more sturdy. Moreover, coupled with the aftertreatment system and an advanced hydraulic system that meets US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards so that the power expended is optimal with efficient control. In addition, the MH3040 engine with a maximum range of 50.8 feet does not reduce performance above sea level because it is supported by superior service and a new cabin.

        The main goal of the superior service is to save on maintenance costs with various features provided, such as the presence of an S. O. SSM Port with faster analysis of possible liquid sample extraction without the need for a Cat Clean Emissions Module. So that when all the fuel filters are replaced, they will be synchronized quickly about 1,000 hours including the new air that enters and lasts that long. This certainly creates its own comfort for the operator, especially coupled with a new, better cabin. Completeness in this machine cabin is the availability of ample storage space in various places, machine control and climate control that can be reached and adjusted automatically, as well as ease of getting in and out of the cabin with a left console that can be moved to a certain slope. Even for other conveniences, this cabin offers connection to operator devices via USB or bluetooth. As for its safety, the MH3040 implements FOGS (Fall Object Protection System), offers operator ID with a PIN code that is made to start the tool operating, joystick steering which makes for better visibility, to a platform design that is made to reduce the risk of slipping the machine through service. 

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