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Mining Truks 794 AC


        Another CAT product that is known for its reliability to run faster in transporting material or mining products is Mining Trucks 794 AC. The truck proved to be 8% faster than competing trucks in its class which was able to reach a maximum speed of up to 60 kph / 37 mph. This allows trucks to carry up to 28% more loads. The key to this success lies in the composition of the engine and the design of the truck body that is made as efficient as possible so as to place the truck at optimal performance. Some evidence states that Mining Trucks 794 AC is able to operate more than 350,000 hours when working in the field. The C175 engine option is used by CAT to maximize the performance of the truck which produces a gross power of 3500 HP, and the engine weighs approximately 1150000 lb. So get the maximum speed and vehicle durability.

        Mining Trucks 794 AC can increase operator confidence thanks to trucks going faster, but can brake anywhere and anytime because it is equipped with four-corner wet disc brakes and thanks to automatic deceleration control which allows for more efficient vehicle stops. In addition, operators can work more focused and specific thanks to various machine safety features that are better in their class, including expanded operator visibility with a wider field of view, entrance sensors, wider entry stairs, anti-shift backwards. Then the operator is also pampered with an automatic control system and parking brake warning that can save the operator's energy while working.

        To support safe and controlled vehicle storage/stopping, Mining Trucks 794 AC is also equipped with various isolation features that allow vehicles to be parked safely, including engine locking system, population locking, ground level lock and so on. The integration of the right fit between software, components, engines and systems is also the key to CAT's success in making its work. CAT technicians continue to strive to improve service and product quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction. By optimizing from the smallest part of the vehicle to the engine, everything is calculated properly and carefully. Every customer will get full support from the dealer through various branch service points provided by CAT. So that every customer complaint can be resolved quickly, easily, cheaply, by CAT technicians.

Bona Pasogit
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