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Mining Trucks 793D

        Is a transport vehicle that is widely used in various projects such as mining, building construction, roads, bridges and so on. This version of the 739D was made by the CAT company which has proven reliable and professional in making vehicles and heavy equipment for various purposes. CAT products themselves have spread throughout the world and are proven to be effective and efficient in increasing the resulting productivity gains. It is powered by a nominal rated payload of 256tons and a gross engine weight of 846240 lb, then has a gross power of 2415 HP.

        Mining Trucks 793D is equipped with various security features that prioritize employee safety including: safety rails, wide angle mirrors, body retaining cables, slip resistant surfaces, and low sound/vibration levels. This is a standard truck safety feature that is superior to competing products. To avoid unwanted things, this truck is also equipped with a stationary ladder to facilitate access to enter and exit the vehicle during an emergency. Then there is an automatic engine shut off switch at ground level. In addition, to get a balanced and precise control there is a dual-acting cylinder steering system that can adjust the load and terrain conditions, as well as to reduce engine overheating. Of particular interest are the proven efficient four-corner oil cooling brakes as well as automatic deceleration control which allows the operator to work more efficiently.

        In terms of performance, the tools made by CAT have proven to be effective and efficient in producing optimal performance. There is a power shift transmission with 6 speed options that can be adjusted to the road conditions taken. The diesel engine used is the 3516B version which is proven to produce 5% more power with more efficient fuel consumption. To reduce operational costs, this truck is equipped with an automatic monitoring system that can determine the health condition of the engine in real-time to continue to maintain vehicle performance at an optimal level, so you can minimize money for maintenance costs. In addition, the vehicle's wheels are designed to withstand various terrains, whether uphill or downhill, thus increasing the durability and life of the wheels.

        The truck body structure is designed to lift more loads without compromising engine performance. This is due to the double V-shaped slope which can retain the load very well, reduce load shock, keep the center of gravity low, and maintain an even distribution of the load throughout the vehicle body. Then the forward slope of the body is designed at 7.5 degrees and the ducktail with a slope of 16 degrees will really help to withstand the load even on very steep incline.

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