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Demolition Excavator 352 UHD

        Demolition Excavator 352 UHD is one of Caterpillar's products designed with integrated technology that has the best work tool capabilities in its class. The UHD on this 352 excavator is on the front as a work tool camera equipped with cables and hoses to run the water spray system. The front UHD also makes the kit ready to install easily for a 3.7 ton workload. Therefore, the utilization of the engine can be maximized, coupled with the work that can reach 92 feet (28 m) without the need to swap booms so that the hydraulic quick-breaker can run smoothly in about 15 minutes with the use of the C13 engine. With this type of engine makes this 352 able to meet Phase V emission standards capable of working in certain places that are not capable especially to start with a choice of 60 ton class so that everything can be done every day.

        As for the utilization of this machine in terms of speed and precision, the design of the 352 involved Retrofit for truck loading. This is certainly one way to maximize engine efficiency, which is equipped with the best variable gauge undercarriage in maintaining the stability of engine performance. The movement of the undercarriage is carried out hydraulically which is extended to facilitate the towing of transportation from 4000 mm to 3000 mm, making it easier for the stability monitoring system to provide information and warnings to the operator so as not to exceed the stability limit. That way, the excavator is proven to have 3 extraordinary powers namely ECO, Smart, and Power with US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions and even Japanese 2014 standards are met. In addition, this excavator with an operating weight of 151483 lb offers many alternatives that make operation simpler.

        Some of these alternatives include the existence of a program on the joystick button to facilitate the configuration set by the operator, the existence of a smart mode and a hydraulic reverse fan that functions to save fuel, hydraulic oil heating, etc. It is also equipped with a touch screen monitor with a high resolution that can speed up navigation, especially in compensating for pitch and roll, which is very useful if the ground conditions are sloping at the location. The offers given are related to the comfort of a magnificent cabin with the demolition of the front, namely FOGS which is equipped with P5A glass resistance, as well as premium seats that are strategically positioned in monitoring the monitor screen. The cabin design is also aimed at security and safety, which is also applied to a sophisticated thick seat compared to the previous type so as to minimize vibration in the cabin by up to 50%. In addition, there is also a design on the stairs that is made of serrated to avoid slipping. Based on these things, this 352 UHD excavator can be used as a solution in carrying out the best demolition projects in various conditions.

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