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Motor Graders 140 AWD – LVR

        Motor Graders 140 AWD – LVR is a technologically advanced machine launched by the Caterpillar company that prioritizes speed in operating with high efficiency and maximum productivity because this machine uses the Cat C9.3 engine type. The machine can be relied on to produce better power equipped with Grade paint technology which uses less material to obtain consistency and accuracy at a high scale. Moreover, this 140 painters have 45 years of experience and various improvements have been made to the engine, especially on the steering wheel and lever control with various technology options to produce more precise alignment. Although various improvements were made, this 42325 lb machine still prioritizes low operating costs by involving supporting components.

          The percentage of operating cost savings which currently reaches 40% for material costs and 20% for maintenance costs. There is a savings in these materials because this machine contains the Cat GRADE Cross Slope feature which works to monitor information from the available machine display. This feature also allows the blade to move automatically due to cross slope readings at any time so as to reduce dependence on grade checks which are usually done manually. Moreover, this machine is designed with additional 2D / 3D technology completeness through ready attachment options to ensure the readiness of this tool with a 12-foot blade width to operate in carrying out its duties. Coupled with other options such as a ripper and scarifies to help keep the tool balanced with the road coverage with the addition of a moldboard extension of up to 600 mm so this machine can achieve higher efficiency and performance especially through the presence of a thrust block and counterweight.

            High productivity also certainly requires smoother grading results, as in this 140 AWD which offers a multifunctional hydraulic system. With the ability of this multifunctional hydraulic system, of course, it can produce superior performance because of the maximum seven simultaneous functions, so as to reduce the occurrence of damage to the drive and gear circle. Behind this superior performance, it turns out that this machine does not need to spend fuel on a large scale because of the eco mode feature that makes fuel efficient up to 10%. In addition to these savings, this 140 AWD – LVR provides security in every operation, such as braking that the operator can control optimally, then there is a rear camera option that helps monitoring the situation behind the device to ensure safety, there is also a secondary steering system that is used when an accident occurs. engine problems, etc. The application of these various components certainly supports maximum performance on the 140 AWD-LVR engine without any doubt.

Bona Pasogit
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