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Motor Grader 160 AWD

Motor Grader 160 AWD

        Strong efficiency is one of the advantages highlighted by the Caterpillar company in order to attract engineers in the mining sector with an international arena to buy the products it produces. As in one of its product types, the 160 AWD Motor Graders are designed with a very consistent Cat C9.3 engine to produce maximum productivity with various efficiencies that support it. Moreover, it is equipped with an idle shutdown timer engine that is able to protect the surrounding environment from the impact of emissions and is able to save fuel. In minimizing emissions, an emission transparent technology was designed as well to achieve a tier 4 final standard engine, while in saving fuel there is a hydraulic demand fan that works automatically according to the engine's needs when operating with a certain cooling.

        160 AWD fuel savings can also occur because of the eco mode which can save up to 10% according to conditions. Not only fuel efficiency, but there are many other advanced components and technologies that drive this machine to be of high value. This machine with an operating weight of up to 45547 lb is designed for heavy duty construction due to the completeness and sophistication of its components. As the implementation of a moldboard retention system that keeps strip wear and tear maintained so that the blade remains safe and in control due to adjustments to the two components, namely the blade and moldboard and the ease with which the strip is replaced Even with this 160AWD cost and time will be saved because of the steel hoop that is resistant to loads.

        In addition, this 160 AWD which has a blade width of up to 14 feet prioritizes safety when operating by installing various components that are easy to control. As there is a circle drive slip clitch component that makes the worst possibilities of traction very minimal. The electric hydraulic pump and hydraulic lock are useful for ensuring the operator runs the machine properly, as well as temporarily turning off the implement function to keep the tool working optimally. In addition, in achieving safety there is security because the two are interrelated. The security features consist of led lights, rearview cameras, switches, and others. So based on these things, this machine has a high value on its performance.

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