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Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6060

Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6060

        Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6060 is one of Caterpillar's products that is 100% integrated by having an ideal and better shovel than the previous generation, as well as reliable electronics with validated advantages. The main reliability provided by these 6060 hydraulic mining shovels is that it is identical to its higher performance and can operate for a longer time, moreover it is supported by a 4-pass solution so as to achieve production capacity. In addition, to achieve maximum production with minimum fuel, improvements are made to the hydraulic system and all its components so that the front shovel application will save 15% fuel, while in the backhoe application it will save 5%. So, with the increase in fuel efficiency, repairs to the engine will take place once with 60,000 hours of feeding the 6060 engines will have a longer life of up to 10%.

        Fuel savings alone are actually not enough to support high product quality, so this machine with a bucket payload of about 67 tons (US) saves on its overall operation as well as equipped with advanced connectivity features. As a crawler component in the form of an undercarriage that can independently regulate full hydraulics assisted by a piston accumulator and track pad that is available specifically on these 6060 engines. Coupled with the increased range of trams and included in the main features of the undercarriage, so that the 6060-engine performance will always be maximized without incurring high costs, especially since this feature is a type of heavy-duty undercarriage feature. In addition, factors that make for more fuel efficient are the Cat Duo-Cone and Cat HD Track which help ensure longer engine durability and are highly resistant to deformation as they contain the main structural supports.

        Another important point that is prioritized by these 6060 engines is to have high quality with an overall appeal, namely safety and comfort for the operator. As one of its designs which aims to protect the operator at any time in various site conditions, such as the design on the operator seat which is equipped with a switch so that the hydraulic control remains in the neutral position when the engine is at rest. Moreover, it is equipped with a quality cab with ISO 10262 standards, as well as the position of the cab module that does not interfere with the operator's vision because its position is made approximately 7.6 m high so that important areas such as excavation and loading will still be seen very clearly. The safety and comfort of course greatly affect the results to be obtained because this all depends on how the operator works and controls the sophisticated machine components. If the operator can operate the machine very well, it can be ascertained that about 65% of production is fulfilled.

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