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Forest Machines 538

        Superior performance with unmatched comfort in a machine that greatly contributes to forestry is found only in the production type 538 forest machines from Caterpillar. The superior performance found in the 538 is supported by the Cat C7 engine which is known for its fuel savings and is even able to run on biodiesel B20 because of its specially made configuration to produce maximum work. The fuel economy is due to an adjustment between the hydraulic power and the engine in various working conditions which have been set by the smart mode automatically. In addition, moving wood can also be done very quickly even though the load on the wood is heavy because the swing torque reaches 10% so that this tool can work up to 12% faster. Behind its strength in lifting heavy wood there are heavy lift modes that have been preset on demand as well as the role of a new electro-hydraulic control system that makes the selection of log places at precise power and precision.

        Meanwhile, the operator's convenience is not inferior to other types of forestry machines. Starting from the cabin space that has been certified because of the availability of complete and comfortable facilities with a larger certificate up to 25%. This comfort can be obtained in various weather conditions, whether you are in a location with cold or warm weather because the 538 has been designed using a new dual HVAC system to make operators comfortable whenever and wherever. Even the comfort is not temporary because it can last for the whole year especially equipped with a wider seat and air suspension, the ease of getting in and out of the cabin due to the wider door size, specially designed with a log loader configuration which makes the optional rear entry cabin available. offers a standard USB radio port with bluetooth technology that makes it easy to connect to personal devices, plenty of storage space, to a cab riser with hydraulic tilt to meet job targets with a fixed tilt of 165mm or 1219mm.

        Another advantage of the 538, apart from providing superior performance and operator comfort, lies in its ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation. In the operation, the operator will get a complete, clear, and easy to understand guide. Some of the ways of operating the 538 include the machine that can be turned on just by pressing a button from one of the three features that functions to turn it on, a touch screen monitor that makes it easy to navigate while operating even with high resolution, also equipped with a Cat PL161 Attachment Locator that helps operator if you are looking for the tools needed, and many other conveniences. Meanwhile, easy maintenance can occur because there are several features that do not require maintenance, for example, the diesel particulate filter. Then the replacement of the fuel filter is also not too frequent but only takes 1,000 hours-two times the interval. So that the maintenance will be up to 15% more efficient than the previous type.

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