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Landfill Compactors 816K


        Landfill Compactors 816K is one type of heavy equipment that operates in landfills with the support of integrated technology in it and has proven its superiority. These 816K compactors are issued by a well-known company that has been around for more than 45 years and has been very trusted because it has helped the industrial world to develop and develop. As usual, products from Caterpillar always use engines that meet emission standards, such as the 816K which provides two engine options equivalent to Tier 4 Final / Stage IV depending on product purchases with the use of a Cat C7.1 engine. The innovative engine is designed with the aim of maximum fuel savings, excellent air management, as an aftertreatment solution, and also to play a role in increasing power density. The fuel saving process is carried out by the fuel injection system which is able to control fuel consumption through the presence of micro bursts carefully so that it not only produces efficient fuel but also clean fuel.

        There is also a unique design for the compactor 816K, which is a robotic welding that is performed so that the compactor can last and operate optimally even in the toughest conditions. Then the steering cylinder is installed so that steering loads can be transferred to the frame automatically in the face of heavy duty. Then in the face of torsional shocks, a cross-sectional rear frame is applied so that it can withstand it. So that overall these designs are carried out so that the tool has a long enough durability to use and remains safe. In addition, there is an Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) which uses integrated electronic controls to make smooth and anti-obstacle shifting. In addition, on the 861K there is a decelerator pedal which functions as a transmission neutralizer and can reduce speed by activating the throttle lock. available without having to press a button.

            Improved operator comfort is also carried out in various ways, such as the Integrated Steering and Transmission Control System (STICTM) which makes it easier to integrate the transmission and steering control functions through just one lever, making it more efficient. The load sensing system can control the tool when it operates very accurately so that the operator will be more confident in operating it. Operator confidence will also last even in tight areas as the 816K has a variable displacement piston pump which is very easy to maneuver due to accurate positioning. Besides that, there is a spacious cab that provides comfort on the storage tray on the floor and there is also a pressurized cab for lower sound levels so as not to disturb the operator while working. In addition, it is also equipped with the Cat Comfort Series III Seat which is very comfortable with a contoured thickness and a six-way adjustment so the operator can move more freely, as well as a pod implement attachment to the STIC steering wheel.

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