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Drills MD6310


        Drills MD6310 is a Caterpillar machine with a superior engine in the form of the C32 which has a speed of up to 1,800 rpm. This type of machine is very devoted to focus on the core accurate to the center with the support of a combination of 100% original Cat features plus integrated technology so that the patterns formed are very accurate and of course you will get even better results even counting up to 4 times the result. usually. The MD6310 also offers the convenience and speed of solving various problems you will encounter using an Electronic Cat Technician (Cat ET). In addition, there are other features included in the electric MD6310 that help solve problems, namely a common platform that serves as an autonomous solution with a certain number of integrations in the future. In addition, the MD6310 offers advanced technology in the form of drill assistance, reports on machine safety and health for very thorough preparation, as well as autonomous features that function to optimize drilling results. 

        The more complete details of the MD6310 specification are that it has a bit load that reaches 42419 kg and a hole diameter of around 203-311 mm. In addition, there is also the precision performance offered through the latest Cat blowhole drills which can select the level of automation so that the material to be drilled is at the exact point and as desired so that of course this affects costs and profits. Because of this, the costs incurred will be lower, while the resulting profitability will be higher. Moreover, it is equipped with proven and controllable Cat tools and a design that is as well known as any other Caterpillar drill. In addition, the MD6310 electronics paint has also been well-known in the world of technicians because of its advantages, one of which is that it can minimize misuse of this tool. 

        Another advantage also lies in the efficient system of the powertrain which has an electronic control strategy in the application process while working and in controlling fuel consumption to suit the use of this tool. With this powertrain, it can also allow drillers to use the air control feature with variable volume so that the compressor that is issued can match certain applications according to the drill tools needed. The improved engine power on the MD6310 is carried out by the powertrain so that harsh drilling applications can still be carried out, of course, with the help of high power from the compressor in a short cycle time so it is considered more efficient. In addition, the MD6310 crawler was fitted with blast hole drills to achieve the predicted drilling size.

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