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Swedish Crown Princely Couple Positive for COVID-19

Victoria and Daniel.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland, and her husband Prince Daniel have tested positive for COVID-19. The royal couple tested positive on the one year anniversary of the first Swedish death from the novel coronavirus.

The Swedish Royal House announced the news on social media, stating that the couple are showing "slight symptoms" and that they are quarantining with their children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar at home. 

The crown princess is forty-three years-old; the prince is forty-seven. Prince Daniel suffered from a congenital ailment causing impaired renal functioning. Three months after his engagement to Crown Princess Victoria, Daniel underwent a kidney transplant in May 2009. His father was the donor. The operation was a success.
Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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