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Cold Planers PM622


        PM622 Cold Planers is a type of cold planers issued by the well-known company Caterpillar, which PM622 has a design that is not much different from PM313. Even the PM622 also uses the K system rotor as one of its superior technologies so that perfect cutting can be achieved with all the ease and speed of optimal performance. Not only that, in terms of productivity, they are both equally high because the rotor system they use is the same. However, the PM622 seems to be superior because it can move asphalt at full depth even in one track. There is easy access to important components, especially when doing maintenance so that it can be done in a short time. In addition, service improvements are also indicated by the availability of convenient spare parts, long internal service times, machine combinations, and support from Cat dealers.

        In addition, there is full maneuverability with reliability, as the movement of the two track crawlers is carried out by the main propulsion system, which makes the PM622's propulsion system very sturdy and reliable, of course with the use of cross traction patterns. There is also accuracy in steering geometry because the PM622 has four steering modes that can be adjusted and advanced randomization can be carried out. Even on this PM622, there is a feature in the form of a proven automatic tightening system that is an added value to the undercarriage track because it can perform its duties as performance monitoring to stay consistent with a longer service life than usual. Apart from consistency, speed is also enhanced by automatic traction control especially when facing challenges so that these challenges can be passed without any particular difficulty.

        As for the features related to material removal that were added to the PM622 which has many benefits to add to its appeal. As there is an inverted belt that is able to create cleanliness quickly, it is equipped with a magnetic vinyl cover which also helps in the speed of access to roller wear so that it can be controlled very well. Even behind that, there is also a "boost" feature that can temporarily spike the belt so that the speed is right with the exit of the processed material with a faster and more efficient exit process. Not only that, efficiency is also created through the high capacity conveyor which as usual offers a fully milled material dump feature with regular monitoring so that the discharge can be controlled as best as possible.

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