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Caterpillar Cold Planers PM820


        Cold Planers PM820 is a milling machine launched by Caterpillar that is equipped with Automatic Idle Control so that the machine can operate more efficiently and very smoothly. Power from this tool is of regional emission standards because it uses a very sophisticated Cat C18 twin-turbo engine and supports operations. Besides that, another advantage of this machine is that it can keep the temperature in balance because it is equipped with a high capacity cooling system so that the resulting emissions are lower. The automatic load sensor feature on the rotor can minimize congestion by adjusting the milling speed. Not only that, this feature can also increase the productivity of the PM820 engine.

        In addition to efficient performance, this type of half-track milling machine is also supported by complete maneuverability and control features. As there is an automatic traction control system that acts to keep the speed consistent even for something more challenging. Coupled with the reliability of the track undercarriage which is able to provide a longer track life, so there is no need to worry about long-term use. In addition, the machine with a cutting width of up to 2010 mm (79.1 in) tested by Cat dozers has a propulsion system that acts to actuate two crawler tracks using a cross traction pattern.

        Even with just one pass, this machine can move asphalt and concrete efficiently and safely. In addition, there are high capacity conveyors which offer controlled disposal of milled material. Then in the process of removing the material, cleaning is also carried out in the rotor space and adjusting the belt speed. The boost feature helps greatly the reliability of this machine because it can speed up material expenditure which is also affected by temporary spikes in the belt speed. In addition, in an effort to perform faster cleaning, it is also necessary to check roller wear with access speed.

        Behind the advantages of the machine in this milling tool, there are also other advantages related to the surrounding environment, from cleanliness and safety. As is the availability of LED lighting options, both overhead and via a backlit keypad setting. With LED lighting, the operator can work optimally regardless of the time of day or night because it is able to illuminate the work area around the machine. One of the comfort provided to the operator is by rearranging the seat with the optional suspension so that it is not only comfortable but also has high visibility.

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