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Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders 420F2


            The Cat 420F2 Backhoe Loader is a Caterpillar product where all machine control is under the control of the operator and when the tool is operating requires assistance from a thumb roller on each additional control for smooth performance. The principle applied to this tool is customer feedback so that it can increase the attractiveness of potential buyers. Another attraction also lies in the ease and speed when changing locations thanks to the optional lock-up torque converter and an additional sixth gear assist assisted gearshift transmission. In addition, the operator is guaranteed to feel comfortable when he is in the operator's station because he can choose the configuration according to what is needed. Moreover, the operator station style is ergonomic, modern and filled with automotive features that can increase the productivity of the 420 F2 engine.

        There are many other features found in the operator station, starting from the size of the windshield and the adequate layer of the cluster, the position of the tilted steering column, the sturdiness of the cab roof, the brake lights equipped with LEDs, and so on. There is a feature that can increase material retention in the form of a ride control system, and it is also able to reduce operator fatigue when operating it because the energy spent is not too much, especially when transporting materials or when moving on the job site. Also assisted by the emission of an LED light that monitors the machine during work so that the operator can also monitor it easily. In addition, practicality is also obtained on this 420F2 engine, as there is a button that can help the operator change the excavator to a backhoe control pattern by simply pressing the button.

         The 420F2 offers optimal backhoe performance as it is designed with a very supportive configuration. Some of them are an auxiliary flow control device that adds about two functions in it, which is an adjustment between hydraulic flow and a work tool attachment. Then there is the boom which is full of reliability and durability due to its curved design which makes it easier for the machine to face various obstacles. Although the boom size is relatively narrow, it can create a wide viewing area. Even the reach in digging the material can reach a depth of approximately 1.2 m which is offset by the jagged edge stick. In addition, the 420F2 offers customer-friendly service by providing a variety of service features to make maintenance easy and time-saving.

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