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The Thirtieth Birthday of Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg, Only Daughter of Grand Duke Henri

Princess Alexandra on Luxembourg's National Day in June 2019.
Photograph (c) Getty Images.

Today, Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg celebrates her thirtieth birthday! 

Henri and Maria Teresa with their three eldest sons and their baby daughter.

Princess Alexandra as a toddler.
Photograph (c) Cour Grand-Ducale.

On 16 February 1991, HRH Princess Alexandra Joséphine Teresa Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine of Luxembourg was born at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital. The princess is the only daughter of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (b.1955) and his wife Grand Duchess Maria Teresa (b.1956). Henri and Maria Teresa married in 1981; they have five children: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (b.1981), Prince Félix (b.1984), Prince Louis (b.1986), Princess Alexandra, and Prince Sébastian (b.1992). At her baptism on 23 March 1991, the princess received as godparents Prince Michel de Ligne, a son of Princess Alix of Luxembourg and Alexandra's father's paternal first cousin, and Archduchess Maria-Anna of Austria, the wife of Prince Piotr Galitzine and Alexandra's father's paternal second cousin.

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg on the occasion of her 21st birthday, 2012.
Photograph (c) Cour Grand-Ducale.

Empress Michiko and Emperor Akihito of Japan with Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Princess Alexandra during the Luxembourgish state visit to Japan, 2017.

According to the Grand Ducal website, Princess Alexandra attended primary school at Angelsberg and pursued her secondary education at the Lycée Vauban in Luxembourg. After completing a course in "psychology and social sciences" in the United States, Alexandra continued her studies in Paris where she obtained a license in philosophy with particular attention to ethics and anthropology. Princess Alexandra completed her studies at Trinity College in Dublin. In 2017, she received a masters degree in Interfaith Studies from the Irish School of Ecumenics with a specialisation in Conflict Resolution.

Princess Alexandra with brother Félix and sister-in-law Claire at the baptism of her niece Amalia.

In 2014, Princess Alexandra became the godmother of her niece Princess Amalia de Nassau, the daughter of Prince Félix and Princess Claire. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg, who is currently sixth in the line of succession to the Grand Ducal throne, lives in Paris. 

The late Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg with son Henri and granddaughter Alexandra.

Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness!

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