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Mining Tools Part III

Gold Drum Machine

        Gold drum machines are the best machines that help remove gold from clay piles with high content and cannot be extracted by sluice boxes, gold washer, and ordinary sluices. The working principle of this drum system is to first separate the gold that is blocked by the clay using a cutting knife to break the clay, then direct it to the sluice. The separated gold will then be extracted very efficiently and effectively. Another advantage is that the plaser gold processing system has absolutely no negative effect on the surrounding environment or the health of gold miners and the community, because this system works without using mercury or other harmful chemicals. 

        The features of this drum machine are of course very many, one of which is the hopper feeder feature which functions as a place to enter raw materials. While the working system on this drum machine is something called a shredding system which functions to cut and break hard clay, where the shredding system is located at the front of the round tube. There is also a rotary screen system that is tasked with separating gold and heavy metals from various materials such as stone, earth, clay, and other materials that are not valuable. So that in this segment there are 3 stages, namely separation, then the gold enters the water flow segment, until it is finally captured by the special carpet available. All these stages are of course equipped with full motorization, pumps, tubes, accessories and hoses. So as to ensure smooth operations with a high level of efficiency and accuracy of the maximum amount of gold extraction.

        In general, drum machines used for large-scale gold mining projects require excavators and beko to load large amounts of material into the machine. Whereas the use of a drum machine for a small scale only requires assistance in the form of a bucket and shovel, but it is very helpful for people's mines with manual input. Even though this drum machine is a local product, its quality has met international standards. Equipped with a team and experienced consultants, you can even consult for free. In addition, other services provided are also interesting, namely services for installation, commissioning, and training. 

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