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Mining Tolls Part II


Portable Golden Kasbok (exca)

        The portable gold cushions (exca) are one of the tools that work together with excavators launched by Germany based on quality standards. This tool can also be called a sluice excavator because it uses an efficient sluice system that makes it very easy for users to catch coarse and fine gold. Some of the mechanisms on this portable gold sluice are hydraulic riffles, high position classification, gravity traps, and so on. These mechanisms make this tool able to perform better than traditional sluices. In addition, this portable gold sluice with a capacity of 15-20 tonnes / hour can be a solution for gold miners who are moving between locations, because of its flexible nature.


Highbanker Combo (non-exca)

        The gold filter system in the mining world has been widely spread because it is very much needed by gold miners, especially to help the performance of the excavator. One of them is the highbanker, which turns out to be used by small teams of gold miners. Usually this tool is used in locations close to water sources such as on the banks of rivers. The assembly on this tool is relatively fast and light. Besides that, the large enough capacity is also a special value for this tool to get maximum results, which is also supported by the straw system (jet + noozle). In addition, this highbanker can be used for a single wash which can help the washer, thus making the performance lighter and smoother.


Gold Master I

        Gold Master I is one of the most effective gold search tools with its ability to reach around 60 cubic meters per hour. This capability can be achieved with the support of a single 23 PK lightweight engine, a tsunami model in the form of a ¾ inch blaster jet, 6 inch suction nozzle, and others. Some of these features certainly influenced the results of using this Gold Master I which had a special modification in the form of a ¾ inch centrifugal blower jet conch. In addition, there are more detailed and very interesting specifications from gold master I, which consist of two types of carpets (miner moss and mining mats), two types of riffles in the form of sluice boxes, spiral hose sizes that reach 6 meters while pressure hoses reach 7. meters, up to detachable EXP with a mesh of about 60-80.


Gold Master II

        Gold Master II actually has specifications that are not much different from Gold Master I, but this gold master II can be said to be better than the previous gold master because there is a development of various features in it. Its processing capability can reach more than 100 cubic meters per hour. The engine strength possessed by Gold Master II is very maximal, namely with double 23 PK lightweight. Not only that, this gold master II consists of various materials such as a hopper feeder with 1 inch sprayer, a sluice box length that reaches 340 cm, sluice box foots, to grizzly bars. In addition, gold master I and II have many other similarities, from the size of the spiral hose and pressure hose, 2 types of riffles, special modifications, to the tsunami model.

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