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Mining Tolls Part I


PROGOLD Gold Pan Set

        Gold mining equipment is one of the important tools needed by gold miners, gold prospectors and surveyors in order to achieve maximum mining results. In this case, we need a modern gold pan that can work effectively and efficiently. One of the modern tools that is super complete is the PROGOLD Gold Tray Set. Some of the items include metal separating magnets, single 10 "riffle, 15" double riffle, tote bag, etc. This gold pan set model is designed with a variety of optimal structures so that it is suitable for use in all types of gold, both fine gold and coarse gold. Moreover, it is equipped with scientific principles that support the performance of this tool. The guarantee given is to live and live with the price determined around 3 million gold panels.


14 Inch Professional Pan

        Gold miners certainly need a pan that is able to work as much as possible every day, and of course in order to get optimal results, professional pan tools are needed. One of them is the 14-inch Professional Dulang with a fairly affordable price of IDR 722,000 / pc. Behind the affordable price, this gold pan is known to many people because of its speed at work. The warranty provided is the same as the gold pan set progold, which is a lifetime guarantee. In addition, the quality is as high as other gold pan tools because this pan is used to catch fine and coarse gold using a 90 degree riffle system so that the process is done faster


Complete Set of Professional Trays

        Gold panning equipment is actually very important for gold miners to have. Because a complete set of trays that are both professional and very influential in the continuity of work. As there is a complete professional pan set which has a scientific gold trap structure and consists of two types of professional gold pan, namely 10 inch and 14 inch pan, of which the 10 inch pan set is a concentrate pan. Not only that, this pan set with a price of Rp.2,435,900 / set is also equipped with a manual inside and has a lifetime warranty. The items used to analyze and capture gold are in the form of pipettes and magnifying glasses. In addition, this pan set is equipped with two bottles that serve as a storage area for gold


15 Inch Professional Tray Supersluice

        A pan that is suitable for use by professional gold surveyors, one of which is the 15-inch Supersluice Professional Dulang. This essential tool for gold miners has high speed so that it can save time in work. There is a lot of material that this tool can repeat in a very short time and without losing any gold. One of the supporting factors for the fast performance of this tool is the deep throat funnel system that can capture fine gold to gold grains weighing more than 1 ounce. In addition, as with other gold pan tools, this tool is also guaranteed for life and has a price that is not much different from the professional 14-inch pan which has a price of IDR 729,000 /pc.

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