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Caterpillar AP355F Paver



        In the mining world, there are a lot of heavy equipment needed and all of them are of course fulfilled because of the heavy equipment production from various companies. One of the well-known companies with great influence in the mining world is Caterpillar. The one of its products is Track Asphalt Pavers AP355F Paver which has a powerful engine of 74.8 HP. This tool is designed with an advanced eco mode so that the engine can adjust its performance according to the project site, at a low level so that it does not disturb the user while the tool is running, and has a low fuel consumption rate which saves operating costs. In addition, there is also a maneuver mode that functions to facilitate movement in narrow locations and can move places easily even in crowded locations.

        With excellent technological improvements such as the paving mode feature with speeds up to 64 mpm (210 fpm) and travel mode speeds of up to 11 kph (7 mph), which proves that the AP355F pavers are capable of navigating rounded roads. -winding good in urban even though the mountains. This consistency can smooth the flow of material in front of the screed according to the speed of the feeder system. The working principle begins with the auger and conveyor being activated so that the material moving process on the screed surface can reach the feed sensor set point. In addition, with a paver weight of the AP355F which reaches 19246 pounds, it is equipped with 3 steering modes which are in charge of regulating paving automatically.

         Improved technology also lies in its fast configuration and can be set automatically or manually to suit certain conditions. As for quick settings, only one switch can activate the material feed system. This is due to more traction, such as a car-trac that maintains contact with the surface from all its irregularities because the system is equipped with an oscillating bogie set. Besides this technology that shows productivity, it also has a high level of comfort and reliability thanks to the center guide block components, automatic accumulators and internal belt cables. In addition, this maintenance-free system has a standard paving span of about 1.75-3.42 m and can result in more optimal hardening by reducing the crane movement made by the bogie set.

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