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Port Machinery 9

 Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes

        Efficiency during the container lifting process is of course very important because it can indirectly prevent the spreader's swing effectively through four wire ropes that have been arranged through a control guide with two-way movement, namely vertical and horizontal. The system is called the new torsion anti-sway system and is a feature of Sany's Rubber Tire Container Gantry Cranes. Then on this machine the four ropes are also arranged with an anti-shake system with the possibility of the spreader's movement towards the trolley or gantry reaching approximately 250mm, so that automatically lifting the container can be done more efficiently than before because it has achieved bidirectional anti-shake. In addition, rubber tire container gantry cranes machines have a hoisting capacity under spreader of about 10-65T, a rail span of about 20-30m, and a hoisting height of about 6-21.5m. 

        There are 4 models of this machine, namely RTG5223S, RTG5502, RTG5203, and RTG5204. The four models are designed with a variety of advanced features that support the performance of this machine. One of them is the high security features of this machine in the form of an automatic tracking system and container lifting. This system is very helpful in increasing safety, because there is data stored in the container on the page and the position of the mechanism so that process performance can be realized optimally. Not only that, this machine also has features that can increase the service life as well as the stability of the crane. This feature is called the soft landing of the spreader to the container, thanks to this technology the possibility of collisions is very minimal. 

        In extending the lifespan of the crane, there are other supporting features, namely the intelligent gantry repair technology. This technology is able to extend the life of the crane by controlling the motor speed through the control signal generated by the automatically detected bogie deflection of the rail. However, the deflection of the bogie also has another very important function of ensuring the satay operation and minimizing wear between the rail and the wheels. The feature called hybrid drive and energy recovery system can also be said to be a priority of the features contained in this machine, because it has many roles related to energy. In this feature, there is a new RTG that can recycle potential energy so that it can save energy up to 65% which is also supported by the use of lithium batteries in this RTG. In addition, these features also have low emission and noise characteristics, as well as friendly and economical maintenance.

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