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5. Crane Machine


25-40T Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

        High adaptability is another important point that must be possessed by various types of heavy equipment in order to work optimally and be able to adapt very well to the conditions of the project construction site. One type of heavy equipment is the 25-40T Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane from Sany which consists of 2 models, namely SCC250TB and SCC400TB. The max lifting moments respectively are 110t.m and 150t.m, while the max boom lengths are 42.5m and 43m. Based on these data, this type of telescopic boom crawler crane is very suitable for use in construction projects with narrow location areas such as tunnels, or underground trains. In addition, this type of machine is also very suitable for working on hard surfaces.


55-130T Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

        The design of a heavy equipment with sophisticated and intelligent technology can certainly make the level of reliability even higher. This also applies to one of the crawler cranes from Sany products, namely the 55-130T Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane, which consists of three models. The models are SCC550TB-1, SCC800TB, and SCC1300TB, with the highest max lifting capacity of 130T and the highest max boom length of 60m located on the SCC1300TB model. Meanwhile, the highest max lifting moment is in the SCC800TB model which reaches 800t.m. So that this type of crawler crane can adapt to various construction areas even in muddy locations.


Scissor Lifts AWP

        Scissor Lifts AWP are a production from Sany which have high flexibility and high efficiency as well. The model of the scissor lifts AWP consists of four models, namely SPP1012H, SPP1212H, SPP1412H, and SPP1612H. The max lifting capacity range of this tool is between 10.1-15.8T and the loading rate range is around 0.23-0.45T. The design on this tool is relatively simple but that is precisely what makes this tool have high efficiency and longer durability. Scissor lifts AWP are also equipped with walking control and IOT management systems that can control the system remotely at any time. In addition, there are also features that are no less important, namely a safety protection system that can make safety and comfort more guaranteed.

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