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Concrete Machinery 3

 80 Series Trailer Pump

Trailer Pump is a tool that is very suitable for completing a project related to city building construction, bridges, and so on. The design of each pump trailer product is of course different, and one of the best is the trailer pump that comes from the SANY company. In general, SANY pump trailers consist of several types with almost the same design in each type. One type is the 80 Series Trailer Pump with the HBT8018C-tS (T3) model which is equipped with a pump system with a large displacement coverage.

80 Series Trailer Pump is designed with 3 super systems and 2 advanced technologies, so that the engine power reaches 180 kW. The three systems consist of a sophisticated hydraulic system, an intelligent control system, and an efficient pumping system. Each of these systems has its own advantages ranging from differential pressure control, fault diagnosis and high power mixing motors. Meanwhile, the two advanced technologies referred to are energy-saving technology with one of the advantages of achieving fuel savings of up to 25% and wear-resistant technology with the advantage of the G5 being able to support this tool in order to work optimally. These advantages make this trailer pump series have a max output quantity of 85 / 50m3 / h and a max output pressure of 10 / 18Mpa.


120 Series Trailer Pump

In adopting a material with a high level of technology for the design of a machine, precision is needed in choosing it, besides that there is one high technology that is suitable for use by wear-resistant technology in the form of G5, namely Sino-Germany. This wear-resistant technology is usually always applied to trailer pump products from the SANY company and one of them is the 120 Series Trailer Pump. This trailer pump series has two models, namely the HBT12020C-5M and HBT12020C-5M (CE) models.

The structure of the 120 Series Trailer Pump is rugged and safe because there is emergency overwriting which is an important part of an intelligent control system. There is also a high efficiency in the valve system and pump technology, so that it can also support the performance of the trailer pump to the maximum. Efficient fuel is also one of the key interests of this tool, especially since this type of trailer pump can save fuel as much as 25%. In addition, the design that uses sophisticated technology and systems produces a max output quantity of up to 120 / 75m3 / h, max output pressure reaches 11 / 21Mpa, and an engine power of 297kW on both models of the 120 Series Trailer Pump.

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