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Stone Crushing Plant Part II

Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 T/H
Efficient automatic production with an affordable level of consumption is one of the advantages of Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 t/h. The tool includes a mini type in the demolition path that is suitable for completing a project with small-scale business investment. This tool has good specifications according to the needs of its customers in order to perform stone destruction with the maximum level of performance, equipped with the offer of adding other features such as dust catcher if needed. The factory is also equipped with vibrating feeder model GZD850X2300 and max feeding size no more than 400 mm.

The completeness of the features on the Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 t/h consists of a shredder and filtration system in the form of a jaw crusher and a cone 40-60t/h. The scope of these features includes pe500*750 jaw crusher, PYB900 cone destroyer, B500*18M belt conveyor, and so on. So the operation and installation is relatively simple but able to produce stone shape according to the desire, then also supported by Jaw Crusher PE-500 X 750 model. In addition, it has a replaceable screen net making it possible to produce final products of different stone sizes and is certainly perfect for the manifold construction industry.

Stone Crushing Plant 100-120 T/H
The popularity of a crusher plant is certainly very influential to the appeal of the customers who will buy it. The higher the popularity, the higher the likelihood of purchasing it, and vice versa. As stone crushing plant 100-120 t/h is very popular in various countries such as in the Middle East, South Africa, America, India, and Sudan. Most of these countries, using this tool to destroy iron, basalt, granite, and limestone. In addition, the tool uses vibrating feeder model ZSW 380 X95 with max feeding size of no more than 500 mm.

This type of stone crushing plant uses the PE-600 X 900 jaw crusher model which is applied as the first crushing part with abrasive characteristics of a high quality crusher in switching parts that are easy to replace. The decrease in production costs made by this tool has absolutely no negative effect on the final result, but instead gets a significant increase in results. So as to minimize production costs. The alternative that can be done to produce the final product to the maximum with different sizes is to cooperate with vsi destroyers.
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