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What is Word Processing or a Word Processor?

Word Processing
Word processing is the act of typing, editing and printing out of textual/graphical information using a word processor. Microsoft Word is an word processing program. When you use a program like Microsoft Word to create a document, you have performed word processing.

Word processing can be performed either electronically or mechanically. Electronic word processing  involves the use of a computer device running an appropriate word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Mechanical word processing involves the use of devices like a typewriter.

Word Processor
 A word processor is a device (e.g. typewriter, computer) or software (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Word pad, etc) that is used for performing word processing tasks.  A word processing software like Microsoft Word must be installed in a word processing device such as a PC (running an appropriate platform/operating system) before it can be used.

Microsoft Word, as a word processor, is highly sophisticated and offers specialized features/tools to enable users effectively perform their word processing tasks as well as enjoy the experience. Microsoft Word stands out among all its contemporaries in the word processing arena.

A word processor can be electronic or mechanical. An electronic word processor can be in the form of a hardware device (such as PC); a simple or an integrated sophisticated software package (such as MS Word). The hardware and the software are complementary, in the sense that, without the other, neither can be used as a word processor. A mechanical word processor, on its part, can be in the form of the now less fashionable typewriters. Mechanical word processors don't need a software to perform a word processing task.

A great advantage the electronic word processors have over the mechanical counterparts is that it makes it easier to produce a neat error-free document. Electronic word processors are more versatile, efficient and give the user greater control and better features to make word processing a desirable task.

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