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Medium Dozers D8T


        The Medium Dozers D8T is one of Caterpillar's production machines that has full speed with a 4 transmission so that it can increase productivity without wasting fuel, especially when it is supported by advanced technologies such as GRADE technology which makes it easier for operators to increase productivity efficiently and optimally, even upgrades can be made up to 18 %. Reaching 18% is also assisted by the cooperation of steering performance and a wider blade capacity so that it can do more work even in a few tracks. Although productivity increases, the fuel economy will actually save 11% because of its lower application, so that the operator is more calm, especially when moving a lot of material. In addition, its very easy operation makes this tool suitable for use regardless of operator experience as the speed of motion that can be selected by the operator which is then managed by the tractor automatically so that it can produce maximum power efficiently.

        The advantages of integrated technology in the form of Cat Grade used on the D8T are designed with 3D options that not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also increase accuracy with reduced operator input by up to 80% especially when supported by other features such as Automatic Ripper Control, Auto. Blade Assist, and AutoCarryTM. Even without using a GPS signal, this technology is able to automatically maintain the position of the blade to remain the same as previously set thanks to the assistance of Slope Assist TM. Then when viewed from the financial side it will also be more efficient because this technology can help reduce labor costs and in checking the leveling will also be less frequent, but safety will still be guaranteed. In addition, the D8T dozer offers remote controlled operations that can be carried out through the operator's station for better control of performance. 

        The launch of the D8T Dozer was produced in the long run because it was designed with a sturdy structure and long-lasting components. Moreover, it is equipped with two types of undercarriage in the form of an HDXL undercarriage which can withstand high abrasion conditions with a longer wear life so that it can last up to 25% longer. Meanwhile, additional advantages can be obtained through the exclusive Elevated Sprocket undercarriage which can provide balance to the machine in a variety of conditions and provide ease of service on the D8T. Besides that, its maximum performance and long-lasting use make this tool applicable for landfill, stockpiling, and transfer station applications. In addition, the D8T also offers guaranteed safety features such as an operator presence detection system, reduced trip by electronic fluid level verification, a camera that is very well installed so that the operator's visibility of the surrounding machine can be seen clearly, and so on.

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