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Large Dozers D9


        Various types of dozers have been issued by Caterpillar and all of them are fully integrated as one of its types, namely the Large Dozers D9 which is designed with 100% Cat components so that it greatly supports more productive dozers because of its high readiness. This smart dozer also consists of a variety of application specific blades so it can be used in a variety of job sites with unmatched reliability, and the D9 dozer has the ability to move large amounts of material while still being cost effective. In addition, there are also other advantages of this tool, namely that it is designed at an affordable price but productivity is applied in all applications, can last a long time, takes advantage of various advanced technologies available, makes it easy to carry out maintenance and repairs, and creates safety and comfort for the device. operator to stay awake.

        As for the stator clutch torque converter which helps in increasing fuel efficiency by up to 5%, then there is also an overall cost that can be saved by around 3%, and maintenance and repair costs that are very efficient and up to 4% lower. In the process of improving performance and efficiency, apart from using a torque converter, there are also other features such as bogie suspension which plays a role in increasing the production volume with less slippage because it contains higher traction inside, and there is also differential steering which allows the tool to maneuver more. smoother and faster. This smooth maneuverability is evident when large blade loads can move even when turning even with smooth movements, and in tight turns even at high speeds and productivity. In addition, changing the speed and direction of the D9 uses APECS to keep it smooth, coupled with a planetary powershift transmission control.

        Operator safety is also guaranteed because D9 also has a special design to increase operator safety and comfort while working. Some of them are implementing 360 vision, a spacious cabin equipped with new seats, a front hinged cabin door so that cabin access is easier and more efficient, fluid levels can be monitored at any time, a secondary engine that can be turned off automatically, low shock and impact loads due to the presence of absorption from the available undercarriage, and so on. Other features that support high productivity include offering 41 language features on the plane, a larger display of information that makes it easier for operators to see it clearly, and a touch screen available in various HD colors. So that even in various working conditions the operator can still drive the D9 very smoothly.

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