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Draglines 8200


        The innovative technology that is always used by Caterpillar products is of course proven quality and proven to have a profound impact on increasing productivity. Such an innovative technology is designed in one of its products, namely the Dragline 8200 which is low cost but has a strong return on investment. Although the capital is minimal when compared to other, larger draglines, this machine has a unique combination due to the mutually supporting combination of technology, size and longer operating life, where the length of the boom is up to 100 m with a working weight of about 3. 8-4.1 million kg. Of course, these specifications have been adjusted to the engine design which uses the IGBT AC electric drive system which has been experienced for decades and has been used by approximately 200 heavy equipment in various countries.

        As for the use of a DC machine which has many advantages, namely that it can show the availability of electricity accurately 95% of the time, does not make the mining network a consideration in designing the filter or the structural robustness of the dragline 8200, and has full power of approximately 10% of the voltage used continuously, the power is reduced by -10% to -30%. However, if viewed in terms of efficiency, the AC engine is 92% superior because it is equipped with components that are durable than a DC machine whose work efficiency percentage is 88%. However, during the lifetime of this machine, fuel savings can still be made of around 10%. Besides that, the maintenance is simple and cheap, of course, is one of the things that prospective buyers expect. The ease of maintenance lies in the longevity of the motor brush and generator so that it does not need to be replaced in a short time, then there is no need for frequent maintenance of the IGBT power control module, to reduce motor maintenance by replacing it through lubrication and bearing changes to around 30,000 hours. 

        Apart from those mentioned above, there is also a motion control (MRC) control which not only incorporates AC, DC technology, but also incorporates AFE (Active Front Ends) technology. AFE serves as a rectifier that helps the process of changing AC power to DC. In this MRC there is also a cabinet that provides the possibility to maximize cable routing, there is also a transportation sector which is the source of the electric power used and as the main control in overcoming temperature stability and reducing roughness in the face of strong shocks. In addition, the operator's cabin is also as always the leading visibility in the industry because it greatly affects the performance results of each machine, including the 8200 dragline, from clear visibility, double doors, as well as the three-seat offering provided to the operator. coach, and security guard. In addition, the electrical equipment provided also greatly supports the optimization of the 8200's performance, such as the operator interface control that applies 24 volts, dual cables that can stop the machine when in an emergency, and locks to prevent high voltages from disrupting the activity of this tool.

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