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Draglines 8000


        Caterpillar has long been a leader in heavy equipment production in the mining world, so it is highly trusted to increase productivity in the industrial sector and even globally, due to its unmatched machine advantages. One of its products is in the form of 8000 draglines which have been produced by more than 1,000 and are well known in various countries in the world. In this type of draglines, several mechanical upgrades are carried out on some of the features in it, namely a boom that ends with the aim of the value of the Suspended Load (RSL), dumping with a certain height, a better operating radius, and the resulting maximum excavation depth. The main structure needs to be repaired so that it can be repaired, while to improve performance it is necessary to re-establish the components contained therein. All these improvements are present as a solution in increasing productivity, as well as a form of service to customers in ensuring that dragline investment is proven to be able to increase profitability with high product quality.

        As for the specifications of the dragline 8000, the bucket capability reaches 24-34 m3 and the available boom length options start from 75-101 m. Both of these specifications are very supportive in improving performance, especially when the process of moving large amounts of material can be done in a shorter time. In addition, the dragline 8000 contains features that are very environmentally friendly, especially in removing the cover layer, so that the required power is lower, the noise is minimal, the engine is not too hot even though it is often used for a longer time, even the greenhouse gases that are lower output when compared to other draglines whose features are not environmentally friendly. Besides being supported by an environmentally friendly engine, in producing optimal productivity the 8000 draglines are also supported by their working weights ranging from 1,770,000 to 1,988,000 kg and their RSL capability of around 71,000 to 102,100 kg.

         There will also be training provided by professional trainers who have been very experienced for years to train operators in applying any changes to the operating aspects and because the 8000 draglines use the latest technology, training support is provided maximally. Apart from that, the leading OEM turn-key parts solution is also offered by the dragline 8000, caterpillar is even used as the source of the relocation solution due to the proven reliability improvement after relocation. It is undeniable that this machine also provides a very broad institutional knowledge of the old and new dragline types. In addition, this machine does not only do mechanical upgrades, but also electrical upgrades, some of which are increased security and availability made on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), then there is also an increase in AC & DC performance, so that increasing reliability in remote monitoring is easier, especially in terms of diagnostics.

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