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Pneumatic Rollers CW1611


        The CW16 11 is one type of machine from Caterpillar that you can rely on especially when operating on grades while delivering smooth performance and is powered by the Cat C3.4B engine. The use of this machine proved to be very superior because it could produce a power of 75 kW (100.5 hp) so that it could meet US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards. Moreover, it is equipped with an eco mode feature which plays an important role in maintaining operator comfort so that noise does not interfere with the operator's focus at work, especially when it is at peak performance, so what eco mode does is reduce engine speed to 1900 rpm and use more efficient fuel. the noise generated can be reduced. In addition, for optimal performance, an automatic speed control feature is also added to ensure that the speed runs consistently.

        The flexibility in versatile compaction performance is shown by the waterproof ballast space and ballast options that are able to prevent surges because the resulting load range size is around 0.48-1.35 metric tons / wheel and also because the ballast space contains compartments. bulkhead inside. In addition, this heavy equipment with an operating weight of around 5300 kg - 14,900 kg also has a reliable material with a soft texture as one proof of its versatility. There is also an improvement in the design of the wheels underneath each wheel to have a not only maximum but also optimal density with the presence of an oscillating front wheel which has the benefit of a softer area due to its ability to eliminate links in that area. 

        Behind the optimal performance, there are machine features that work hard, as some of which have been described above, it turns out that it has a simple operation on the LCD so that it can provide information quickly and precisely to the operator. Because it is precisely by providing simple operation through visual reference regarding machine controls, when the adjustment is made including the language adjustment that has been selected, accurate information delivery to the operator will be obtained. There are other additional features that can make it easier for operators to operate the CW16 11, namely the push button control, which has several functions to change the travel speed and water spray. It should also be noted that the 11 tires that comprise this machine have a compaction width of approximately 2132 mm, which means that the heat in the wheel area can be captured by the help of an optional thermal apron so there is no need to worry about pickups, as this feature is the opposite can create a warm environment even when the appliance is operating violently.

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