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CCS9 Combination Asphalt Compactor


        Contractors around the world are no doubt familiar with Caterpillar products, which have always left behind reliability, comfort, easy maintenance and durability in every product they launch. As in the CCS9 Combination Asphalt Compactor which also has these characteristics and of course, supported by advanced features and technology in it. The engine used by this type of compactor is a Cat C4.4 engine that meets emission standards with the help of ACERT technology. The combination of this engine and technology can result in the stability of the power released, cleanliness of the resulting combustion, and increase work efficiency without causing excessive noise and of course with the use of optimal and economical fuel. This saving fuel can be created because of the good application of the eco mode on the CCS9, as one of its capabilities can lower engine rpm under certain conditions and this eco mode can be set to turn off the engine within a period specified by the operator.

        This type of machine is a machine that combines a smooth front drum compactor with a smooth rear tire supported by a vibration of 9 metric tons. The two compactors from this combination are derived from soil compactors and compactors that are similar to pneumatics. In addition, there is also a performance monitoring feature that supports a bright background display, making it easier for the operator to see the CCS9 operating conditions such as the temperature when the tool is operating, then the amount of fuel that has been released, to machine diagnostics. Another system that functions to maintain stable performance on the asphalt so that it is always good is the water spray system by keeping the moisture in the drum and tire area wet. In addition, quality compaction is equally important for good performance and is supported by an automatic speed control that can activate the push lever in a fuller direction so that compaction uniformity is maintained. 

        The CCS9 has a specific tank capacity located on the drum and wheels, which each capacity is 400 L for the water tank and 18 L for the spray tank. The existence of a predetermined capacity is able to provide a comfortable operation, especially coupled with a double pump whose direction of motion changes so that the service life of the tool will be more optimal. In supporting this convenience, there is also a freeze protection kit to keep the engine safe when entering cold climates even when not in use. There are several optimize compaction that simplifies the compaction adjustment process, namely by adjusting the hand wheel by adjusting the single frequency vibration system in dealing with various types of mixtures and lifting thickness so that the frequency obtained is five amplitudes. Apart from the advantages already described, this tool is also recommended because it has the best life-time value and excellent industry leading water spray system.

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