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Metal Detector Part II



        The United States has produced a lot of high-quality safety detector garrett, one of which is the Super Scanner V. Super Scanner V was created with the aim of helping around locations that need it, such as at ports, airports, hotels, important events, and so on. The tools that are detected to keep them awake are usually the inspection of sharp weapons such as pistols, knives, and others. The assurance that the checks are automatically adjusted so that the results are accurate. Checking that is carried out is assisted by an LED indicator feature consisting of red which is marked as an alarm, yellow which indicates low battery, and green which means on. 

        The strength of the audio signal from the super scanner v is one of its advantages because it is able to indicate metal objects precisely. Not only that, this detector is also classified as battery saving because of its very long-lasting ability to work. The details of the size of this tool are 8.3cm wide, 4.13cm thick, and 42cm long. With this measure, this tool is able to detect it very well. In addition, the robus and shock-proof Super scanner v has a selling price of around IDR 3,399,000 to IDR 3,700,000 and turns out to have a relatively large detection surface model so that the scanning process is more efficient and effective.



        Garrett Detector from the United States besides super scanner v, there are also other products, namely Superwand Garrett. This Garrett Superwand has a more economical price, which is around Rp. 3,289,000 to Rp. 3,500,000 with a quality that is not much different from the super scanner v. As in general, this detector model is also used to handle sharp objects in important places that require tight security such as hotels, government buildings, and so on. Usually checks are carried out on each person and the bags each carry. With this detector, it is very helpful to avoid various kinds of things that can cause danger. 

        The high quality and practicality of this detector model can be a plus that attracts potential buyers, especially when it comes with a 1 year warranty. Even the detection range can reach up to 360 degrees with automatic calibration. Another advantage is that the Garret superwand can work very effectively and efficiently because it is supported by a large enough detection surface to facilitate the scanning process. Effectiveness and efficiency are also obtained because the audio sharpness signal indicates a metal target. In addition, this detector model has an anti-interference feature which is very helpful in excluding the detection of other metal objects.

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