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The Baptism of Maria-Alexandra of Romania

Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania with their daughter Maria-Alexandra.
Photograph (c) David Nivière.
The family depart the Royal Cathedral.

On Saturday, 23 January 2021, Maria-Alexandra of Romania was christened at the Royal Cathedral of Curtea de Argeș. Archbishop Calinic of Argeș and Muscel baptised the infant, who is the first child of Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania. Ninety-nine years ago, Maria-Alexandra's great-grandfather King Michael I of Romania was baptised on Sunday, 22 January 1922, at Cotroceni Palace.

The family’s Christmas card.

Today, the office of Nicholas of Romania issued an announcement about Maria-Alexandra's baptism:

Our congratulations to Nicholas, Alina-Maria, and Maria-Alexandra on this special event in the life of the little one!

Bona Pasogit
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