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Port Machinery 7


        Telehandler stands for telescopic handler which is one of the heavy equipment in the industrial field with various functions and can even replace the functions of several machines such as skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, work platform areas, forklifts, to cranes. Each machine has its own use and can usually only be used for one or two jobs. But in contrast to a telehandler who has the ability to do about five different jobs, it is truly extraordinary. Certainly many lay people don't believe, but that is the truth. This versatile machine not only has a telescopic boom, but is also supported by lifting attachments and other advanced technologies. 

        As for some of the characteristics of the telehandler of the Sany company, namely consisting of various advanced, reliable features and a high level of service. The telehandler, with a wheel base of 3.49m and a max load capacity of 8-12KB, can move horizontally so that it will certainly facilitate the lifting process of a material, moreover it is equipped with two main systems, namely weight indicators and GPS fleet management. In addition, the Sany telehandler has been tested for its capabilities as well as the reliability of the boom and its strong steel structure. In addition, the telehandler with a max lifting height of around 13.4 / 17.13 m has 4 models consisting of STH844A, STH1056A, STH1056A1, and STH1256A, all of which are able to handle staff anywhere very well.


Material Handler

        The material handler is the parts that form an integral part of the handler itself, because without the material that supports the function of this tool, of course the tool cannot work. The following will describe the characteristics of the Sany handler material which is no less famous than other Sany products. This material handler consists of 6 models that have fast hands with a max operating radius of around 10.5-21m and a working depth of around 3-10.5m, so they can work optimally. But besides that, there are also many other characteristics that are more detailed so that you can imagine how super this tool is. One of them is that this tool is able to save up to 10% fuel, even though in one hour this tool works hard to be able to load 13 40 ton trucks but with the Sany DOMCS control system and Kawasaki's positive hydraulic system, this tool can be as economical as possible. 

        As for the details, from the height, speed, to the depth of this tool, including that this tool has a maximum handling height of up to 16.8 m; horizontal display up to 6.2m; horizontal handling range up to 19.6m; and a handling depth of up to 11.9m. Based on these data, the speed of the rotating cycle that this tool can do is up to 8 times with a minimum work cycle of about 30 seconds. Then the speed is adjusted to the capacity of the time spent by the smart controller so that the engine speed can remain under control. In addition, this tool is also classified as very efficient at loading and unloading which reaches up to 520 t / hour and with an efficiency of more than 10%.

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