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SDC2300 Gold Detector

        Do you want a gold detector that is lightweight, stable and compact? The answer is SDC2300. This tool is able to detect the presence of very fine gold even in various fields such as tunnels, forests and mountains. Its water-tightness also makes it possible to search for gold in rivers or beaches. Just imagine, 0.02g of gold ore can be seen by this tool. So that it is possible to be suitable for use in various rocks in the world. SDC2300 has a background that comes from military equipment applications and is applied to the mining world.


        Apart from detecting gold, the SDC2300 is also able to detect the presence of other metals up to a depth of 3 meters under water. We highly recommend this tool for those of you who are professionals working in the mining sector. With its various features, it turns out that the SDC2300 has a fairly easy operating system. The SDC2300's special features include multi period fast technology and pulse induction technology. It is possible to maximize the process of melting precious metals in the field. The existence of Visual Display LED lights also makes the search process at night possible. So, SDC2300 has good effectiveness and efficiency performance and can bring big profit.

Currently, the SDC2300 is priced at $ 4468.53 (3year warranty), at that price you have got a package of SDC2300 detector along with special features in it. 1 SDC2300 package consists of built in speaker, koss 100ohm headphones, SDC2300 device, technical support and service

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