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Port Machinery 2

 10-16T Forklift Truck

        In the field of construction, there is one very important process, namely the process of lifting and moving a material in close proximity. One of the industrial equipment that is tasked with this work is the Forklift Truck. In general, the forklift truck structure consists of two forks which function to lift the pallet. The forklift trucks are designed with advanced technology, one of which is a Sany product with the 10-16T Forklift Truck category. The forklift model in this category consists of eight models with the models having the highest rated capacity of 16T in three models, namely SCP160V2, SCP160H4, and SCP160G. 

        In creating safety and comfort, it is not only obtained through the technology design in it or the strength of the structure, but the cabin design must also be considered. As in forklift trucks in this category where the cabin is made as comfortable as possible, such as during maintenance, the one side cabin will be turned off. Then supported by the automatic locking technology feature of the cabin on this forklift truck which is also equipped with double protection. So that the safety when operating a tool that has a max lifting height of around 3000-5478 mm will be more guaranteed by the presence of mechanical and hydraulic anti-rollover protection.


18-25T Forklift Truck

         Forklift trucks from Sany in general can be said to have a strong structure in each category and model, because the difference that stands out in each category is the rated capacity. This time we will discuss the 18-25T Forklift Truck, where the number of models in this category is half of the previous category, which consists of four models. The models are SCP250C2, SCP250C1A, SCP250H4, and SCP250G, with the same rated capacity of 25T, as well as the max lifting height and wheel base of the four models, namely 4000mm and 4300mm.

        In the forklift truck category, it actually has almost the same characteristics as the previous category, namely both having a comfortable cabin with the application of cabin automatic locking technology. However, there are other technologies that are applied, one of which is the automatic braking technology when reverse. As necessary, efforts to prevent accidents from occurring can be done with this technology, which is to detect people or obstacles while driving so that braking can be done automatically. Behind this is the adoption of a kind of laser scanning and graphic identification so of course this tool has high security.

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