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Crane Machine

 Below 35T Truck-mounted Crane

        Truck-mounted crane is a truck that is joined to a crane and is useful for lifting certain objects according to its lifting capacity. In this day and age, of course, these tools are in great demand to facilitate human work in the industrial sector. One of the superior cranes, of course, comes from the production of SANY with one of its types, namely the Below 35T Truck-mounted crane which consists of 3 models, namely SPC250, SPC320, and SPC120T. In addition, Below 35T Truck-mounted Cranes have a maximum lift height of up to 44m and a maximum boom length of up to 32m.

        In general, the truck-mounted production Sany has a strong carrying capacity as in this type of crane which has a maximum lifting capacity of around 25-32T. Moreover, it is supported by the function of the superstructure design which is not only able to integrate carrying capacity but also wide applications. Another advantage is that this truck-mounted type can operate safely so that it really supports its smooth performance and that safety certainly creates operator comfort. In addition, the high adaptability allows easy installation on commercial chassis.


Over 35T Truck-mounted Crane

         Over time, the industrial world is growing so that the use of heavy equipment is increasing and of course more and more companies are producing heavy equipment. This makes consumers more careful in choosing the heavy equipment they want. There is one trusted company that has launched a variety of superior heavy equipment, namely the Sany company. The Sany company has produced a wide range of heavy equipment ranging from excavators, concrete machinery, cranes, and so on. One of the Sany products that will be discussed this time is the Over 35T Truck-mounted Crane.

        Over 35T Truck-mounted Crane consists of only 2 models, namely SPC400 and SPC400E with the same max lifting capacity of 40T and with a max boom length of 50.5m and 43.8m respectively. The top configuration is designed for this type of crane with a larger crane capacity so that it really helps the crane to run smoothly and of course makes this tool work optimally. Not only that, this type of truck-mounted crane is also very effective and efficient, moreover, the design also functions so that the installation can apply to any four axle chassis brand such as Scania.

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