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3. Crane Machine

     45-100T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane    

    Crawler crane is one of the heavy equipment that must be present at the completion of a construction project and functions as a means of lifting a material with limited movement and a certain range. This tool can operate in various fields because it has tracked wheels even in extreme terrain this tool can still work. One type of crawler crane is the 45 - 100T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane from Sany. The 45-100T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane consists of 10 models, namely SCC550A, SCC750A, SCC850A, SCC900A, SCC450A, SCC600A, SCC800A, SCC800A-1, SCC1000A, and SCE1000A.

        The easy transportation process is one of the advantages of this tool because it can make performance more efficient and effective. Not only that, this type of Lattice Boom Crawler Crane is also very cost-effective in transportation and has excellent performance that is in line with global standards. Moreover, supported by a max lifting moment of around 150-380t.m and a max boom length of around 37-82m, of course this tool is highly recommended for engineers in carrying out their projects. In addition, it has an automatic assembly and disassembly system, making it more efficient.


135-180T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

      As time goes by, crawler cranes are increasingly being produced by various well-known companies. Some of them certainly have their respective advantages, starting from the technological design, appearance, and so on. One of the crawler cranes that has an attractive appearance is the 135-180T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane. This Lattice Boom Crawler Crane type has a very attractive operator cabin because it looks very fashionable and is equipped with nice interiors. As with the 45-100T type, the 135-180T lattice boom crawler crane also has global standard performance.

         The models of the 135-180T lattice boom crawler crane consist of 5 models, namely SCC1800A, SCA1350A, SCC1350A, SCC1350A-1, and SCC1500A-1. Among the models that have the highest max lifting capacity are SCC1800A which reaches 180T, as well as the highest max lifting moment and max boom length owned by these models reaching 10056t.m and 82m. Based on this, this tool is certainly very reliable, quality, and easy when transporting materials. In addition, there are many features that support making operators feel safe and comfortable when using them, namely a heater and air conditioner, spotlights, rearview mirrors and a SYC-II integrated control system.

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