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2. Crane Machine

 Stlff Boom Crane

        The cranes launched by the Sany company usually have a sturdy design that ensures safety and durability. One of Sany's crane products is the Stlff Boom Crane with a boom length of about 3.4 - 6.4 m. Stlff Boom Crane consists of 10 models with a maximum lifting capacity of 22T on the SPS50000 model. The design of the Stlff Boom Crane is also ergonomic, equipped with a network of modular components so that it can create comfort when the crane operates. Besides being equipped with the best components, this type of crane also has a high aesthetic value so it looks very attractive.


        The resistance of a crane's performance against UV rays also needs to be a consideration for crane seekers in order to create superior performance as in this Stlff Boom Crane which can withstand UV rays for a long time. Cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of about 3.2 - 20T have sensitive control with accurate positioning and high precision so that the hydraulic system that works on this tool is very superior in the lifting process. In addition, this tool also has a stable performance when standard configuration in each series has a high pressure filter so that the service life of the hydraulic system can last longer. 

Knuckle Boom Crane

         Security is one of the important points in designing a crane, because a crane can work optimally, not only relying on its features but also need to be supported by a controlled security system. One of the cranes that has a high security system is the Knuckle Boom Crane with a maximum lifting capacity of about 3.3 - 21.5T. Knucke Boom Crane consists of 12 models with the highest lifting capacity located in the SPK61502 model. This Knuckle Boom Crane features a radio remote control which of course can help control the performance of this tool even if the control is done remotely.


        This type of crane has an overall weight of about 0.7 - 7.5T and a boom length of about 5.7 - 20.4 m. The Knuckle Boom Crane also has a hydraulic overload safety device that functions to protect the crane from possible damage so that the use of this type of crane is estimated to be more durable. Not only that, the hydraulic safety performance is also visible at the time of stopping all movements that affect the lifting moment. In addition, crane control while the crane is working can be monitored remotely and is very efficient even when usage is very high.

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