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Ore Processing Euipment Part 6

 Filter Press (XMY8 / 450-30U)

An industrial machine that functions to separate solids in a dilute mixture from water and other particles. So, the water can be recovered and ready to be used in each subsequent production cycle. The dirt produced by this machine is easy to remove. The simple machine design is deliberately made to ensure high reliability and work efficiency. Then make the machine operating system easy, economical, safe, and automatic control thanks to the electric panel.

Filter Press model XMY8 has machine components consisting of plate moving device, hydraulic power pack, feed pump, valve and conveyor which are computed by PLC, making machine performance even more optimal. To automate the filtration process also added drip tray system, filter cloth washing system, filtrate collection system, filter cloth shaking system, and others. In terms of specifications the XMY8 model has a filter area: 8m2, room volume: 121 L, and number of plates: 19 pcs. This machine performs the filtration process by injecting the slurry by the feed pump into the filter press, then the slurry will occupy the plate space and with high pressure will dry the cake. The clean water that has been filtered will be put into the drainage gutter so that it is ready to be used again.

The XMY8 filter press can be used in the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, chemical, oil refining, medicine, waste, beer, beverage, food, alcohol, environmental protection and textile treatment industries.

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