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Gold Detector Part 1

 AT Pro Pointer Detector

            Pro Pointer is a precious metal detection tool that we highly recommend for treasure hunters. This tool is able to detect coins, treasure, and gold grains, and can be used in various fields such as beaches, mountains, rivers, tunnels, even the sea. So that it has a good level of efficiency in terms of time and practicality. The mining process is made easier because Pro Pointer is able to accurately detect metals in various types or types of soil, so that even small targets can be detected by this tool. Then it is also equipped with a camera that can shoot the target more clearly.

For $ 344.79 you can immediately enjoy the full range of reliability of this detector. The stability of the tool is able to increase the working capacity to a depth of 3 m, of course with its waterproof and strong nature. Its simple structure also makes the operation of this tool quite easy to use, you only need to press one button to operate this detector. One thing that makes this tool superior to other detectors is its detection radar range which reaches 360 °.


Monster1000 Minelab Detector

Just like the AT Pro Pointer, the Monster1000 Minelab is a gold detector that is perfect for beginners and experienced gold mining practitioners. This tool has a level of sensitivity in detecting even coarse or very fine gold ore. If you are interested in this mining tool, you can buy it for $ 1672.50 with a variety of other equipment available, of course. One Minelab Monster1000 package includes headphones, battery set and charger, 5 "double-d coil, 10" x 6 ", as well as double-d coil. Then with a 2year warranty.

An interesting feature of this tool is the 45 kHz VLF technology which can detect even the finest gold. Then this tool is also very suitable for a beginner who is just starting a career in the mining world, because it has a fully automatic operating system. You only need to press 1 button, after that let the intelligence of the detector work.

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