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Concrete Machinery 1

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

It is a mining material transport truck that is widely used by the mining industries. This transport truck made by the Sany company is in demand in the market and is widely used by various mining companies in the world. This is thanks to all the reliability that this vehicle offers. First, it is equipped with anti overswing technology, this technology allows to control the boom amplitude with the top rotation brake technology, so that the boom overswing amplitude can be reduced by up to 60%. Second, it has technology that can save fuel consumption, thanks to the pump's working efficiency which can be increased by up to 25%. Allows the use of fuel that can be reduced by up to 10%.

Third, have quality spare parts that are reliable and durable. Some of the spare parts that the company provides are cylinders, concrete pistons, delivery cylinders, plates, transition bushings and delivery pipes. Fourth, equipped with a damage detection tool. It is capable of detecting up to 200 aspects of the system at work, allowing it to speed up the problem repair process by up to 70%. Fifth, it has a sophisticated security system that is able to safely transport excess loads and prevent boom interference. In addition to its various reliability, it turns out that this truck also has easy and cheap engine maintenance costs. To get a wide market reach, this Truck-mounted Concrete Pump has a variety of models, namely 7 models, of course with various specifications offered.


Line Pump

            Just like the Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, this truck is also a transport vehicle that is widely used by mining companies in the world. The various reliability of this vehicle includes: (1) It has intelligent control that regulates the diagnostic system, control panel, and pump motion controller. (2) Has a comfortable operating system, namely automatic piston technology, a fast pump system, and an automatic transfer system. (3) Technology capable of ensuring a stable signal, and various other reliability. This series truck also has easy and cheap engine maintenance. The Line Pump made by Sany has 4 types of models.

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