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Adventurer 3 Printing

Adventurer 3

            Do you want a 3-dimensional printer with the best security and print quality? The solution is with the Adventurer 3 printer. This printer has a simple design with a fully closed printing process, so it can guarantee the safety and security of the operator. Monitoring of the print process can be carried out from the outside thanks to the front structure made of transparent glass, then also equipped with a build-in camera and flashcloud which simplifies the monitoring process. With these various features, this printer is suitable for various printing purposes, whether in schools, workshops, or in the family at home.

The Adventurer 3 is also equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen system making every action easily controlled and printing status in real-time. You can also install and remove the filament automatically, filament installation is done by simply inserting the filament into the inlet, then the filament will be loaded by the nozzle, wait until the loading process is complete. The nozzle on the Adventurer 3 can also be removed in three quick steps. Then the platform of this tool can also be heated up to 100 ℃ and thanks to its flexible features, this printer is able to lift objects by just bending it. In terms of specifications this tool has an extruder diameter of 0.4 mm, a print speed of 10-100mm / s, a filament material in the form of PLA / ABS, a print resolution of 0.2 mm, a layer resolution of 0.1-0.4 mm, a strength of 150 W, 8G internal storage, etc.

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