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ACE400i and AT Gold Garrett Gold Detector

 ACE400i Gold Detector

        ACE400i is a US-made precious stone detector, can also be used to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous and is effective in finding various precious metals such as gold, precious metals, artifacts, relics, and ancient coins. This tool is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. With a price of $ 861,66 you will get a wide range of reliability of the tool, consumers also get a warranty for 2 years. In 1 purchase package consists of the ACE400i detector machine, sensor protector, waterproof sensor, rain protector, and headphones.

        The ACE400i model is the latest update from the EuroACE350 version in early 2016. Technically, the ACE400i is more optimal and complies with international standards for the needs of finding precious metals. You can search for treasure on land or on the beach with a more optimal depth. The engine structure and easy operating system also make this tool suitable for all circles.

AT Gold Garrett

        AT Gold Garrett is a precious metal detector that has high usage flexibility. This tool can detect precious metals in various fields, namely in forests, rivers, beaches, to mountains. This is because this tool is equipped with a maximum waterproof feature, it is perfect for those of you who are just a hobby of treasure hunting or a professional. Various metals that are effective in this tool are gold, coins, relics, and jewelry. You will be able to find gold easily because it is able to distinguish the type of metal through its conductivity system. 

        In the market this tool is priced at $ 1.221,65 and a warranty of 2 years of use, what's more you can also get special discount prices that are economical. In 1 package, the AT Gold Garrett consists of the AT Gold Detector machine, headphones, and a waterproof PROformance ™ DD coil.

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